Endless web slings

Dolezych endless web slings (1- or 2-layer) according to DIN EN 1492-1 are perfectly suited for use with traverses in lifting or choking use. Compared to eye slings, endless web slings are much simpler to sew and thus are highly economical lifting devices.

Advantages of endless web slings:

  • easy handling in choking use
  • loads are always acrried ya two strands
  • higher load capacity compared to web slings or stirrup slings of equal width
  • highly cost-efficient

Endless web slings “DoColor”, single layerBandschlinge 1-lagig Dolezych




Endless web slings single layer table


Endless web slings “DoColor”, double layerBandschlinge 2-lagig Dolezych


Endless web slings double layer table

One-way use web slings according to DIN 60005

Einweg-Hebeband nach DIN 60005

One-way use web slings are produced according to DIN 60005 and have a safety factor of 1:5. That means that a sling with a working load limit of 1 t has to reach a breaking load of 5 t. One-use web slings are used for the transport of goods from manufacturer to the customer. They have to be disposed of at the end of the chain of transportation.

Historic situation:

Web slings, especially endless web slings which were not produced in accordance to DIN EN 1492-1 used to be called disposable slings. These slings differing from DIN EN 1492-1 neither did have a colour code nor a standardized, and therefore, unambiguous labelling. They do not meet the minimum thickness prescribed by the industry standard. They were intended for one way-use and supposed to be destroyed afterwards. The safety factor for one-use slings should be 1:5 which is derived from the regulations of BGR 500. In real-life use, these one-use / disposable slings were also used for preslung procedures although they were never intended for this at any rate (see reference to pre-slung procedures on pages 38 and 39). In some opean countries such disposable slings were produced with safety breaking factor 1:4 and even erroneously used for pre-slung procedures in some German enterprises.

DIN 60005:

Because of this DIN 60005 was developed as the new basis for one–way slings.

What does DIN 60005:2005 specify?

  • Safety factor 1:5 is valid, that means that the minimum breaking force must be the working load limit multiplied by 5
  • Minimum thickness of the sling material is 1 mm
  • Maximum band width is 100 mm
  • For unambiguous identification of one-way use, all web slings are equipped with an orange label
  • At the end of the chain of transportation, this means that the one-use web sling must be destroyed

By coming into effect DIN 60005 and a resulting DIN EN in Germany (correspondingly in ope) there is no longer any danger of confusion concerning the carrying load capacities. One-use, or disposable web slings can have very different designs in practical applications, such as endless web slings or eye slings in different colours.

One-way use endless web slings table