Environmental management of Dolezych certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001

Dolezych is a pioneer in the industry


In addition to the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, Dolezych, the Dortmund-based manufacturer of rope, lifting and lashing technology products, has now also certified its environmental management system. As the quality policy and the environmental policy are interlinked, both systems have been combined at Dolezych and transferred into an “Integrated Management Manual”.

What is the purpose of the environmental management system?

What looked like a modern trend in the early days is increasingly turning out to be an ecological and operational necessity. Environmental protection, the economical and appropriate use of the resources employed, and the use of new, ecologically sound technologies are an integral part of Dolezych’s quality policy and objectives. Quality, clean production processes and thus a clean environment are part of a reputable company that also takes into account the interests of future generations.

What does the environmental management system consist of?

The system has three pillars:

1. waste treatment

a) How is the waste separated?,

b) the prevention of waste where possible; and

c) the use of materials, which shall be as close as possible to actual consumption.

2. occupational safety

a) through optimal internal communication,

b) internal and external training of staff; and finally

3. the organisation of the use of machinery and equipment,

to ensure monitoring and maintenance of the machines. Disruptions, production downtimes and possible environmental damage are thus ruled out in advance.

What do the customers get out of it?

Optimal use of materials, production processes of “short distances” and waste avoidance keep costs under control. This means that the products can also be offered fairly and cheaply in the future.

Trained employees, a “zero-defect strategy” and well-maintained, modern machines are guarantors for technology and quality that are always state of the art, and thus decisive in maintaining short delivery times.

Why actually certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and not “EC Eco Audit”?

The DIN EN ISO 14001 certification is valid worldwide. In the case of the “EC Eco Audit”, which is only valid in Europe, the consumption quantities, sales volumes and environmental costs must also be published and thus made available to uninvolved third parties, such as competitors or interested private individuals. This so-called “annual environmental statement” must then be signed off by a verifier without the verifier having to check its content.

In addition, there is no need for registration in an environmental site register kept by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The costs incurred in this connection are saved by Dolezych, underlining the company’s intention to continue offering low-cost products.