World novelty: The textile securement beams

for positive load securing 



Forget load securing with bulky and unwieldy clamping beams or locking beams made of aluminum or steel! 

With the textile securement beams, we offer you an extremely flexible alternative for form-fit loading. It replaces the rigid beams, which are very susceptible to bending, and is also much cheaper.

After fastening in the side walls of the superstructure, the flexible webbing is placed on or also around the load to be secured. A distinction can be made between three fitting variants, which are offered as a standard combination: Anchor rail fitting, single-stud fitting and keyhole fitting. However, we also offer other end fittings individually upon request.

In addition, the “locking bar” can be adjusted in length to adapt to different vehicle widths and bring it to tension. We also offer three variations for this. The least length adjustability is achieved by elastic bands attached to one side. More leeway is offered by webbing clamp buckles, which are fixed in the center of the “securement beam”. The greatest flexibility is provided by endless webbing with webbing clamp locks attached to one end of the product.

The LC of the textile locking bar is at least 250 daN per fastening point.


Flexibility miracleTextile securement beams without positive lockingTextile securement beams no form fit 2

With the textile securement beams , goods can be conveniently fixed at any position in the cargo space when
a form closure is not possible.




Securing with textile securement beams in the middle of the vehicle


In addition, the textile version of the securement beams also offers the option of vertical attachment – so it is in no way inferior to its predecessor made of aluminum or steel in this respect.






Securing example with textile securement beams

Due to the possibility of a full-surface support of the textile securement beams, the number of necessary securing means is also reduced. For example, loads in groupage traffic would have to be secured by two separately attached locking systems if conventional locking bars were used. If, on the other hand, the textile securement beam is used, only one system – namely the textile locking bar itself – is required.




Your benefits:

  • Simple and flexible to use
  • Saves costs!
  • Suitable for different vehicle widths
  • Saves weight!
  • Protects the load


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The textile securement beam  is available with these  fittings:

Plastic special adapter for keyhole profile
Single-Stud Fitting for Airline Rails
Universal anchor channel fitting

textile lock bar-001textile lock bar-003textile-blocking-rod-single-stud-fitting













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