Load securing – From trainees for trainees

Dolezych trainee project participants

After ten months of intensive preparation, a special idea of our trainees was realized on July 25, 2012:

Two of our second-year trainees gave their first load securing workshop – a seminar on the subject of load securing especially for trainees from other Dortmund companies. At the same time, the logistics newcomers from the other companies were given practical knowledge in the Dolezych training room so that they could learn the correct way to secure loads right from the start of their professional careers.

In addition to the presentation of various methods of load securing, knowledge of the legal and physical principles was also imparted before the theory was followed by the practical part. There, each trainee was allowed to tension lashing straps himself once in order to achieve a specified pre-tensioning force. This required both a little strength and the necessary dexterity.

Who knows, maybe we will soon be able to welcome your trainees to our “LaSi workshop by trainees for trainees” …

Our trainee speakers will be pleased to receive your enquiries for a “LaSi workshop by trainees for trainees”.

The trainee workshop

Target group

Your trainees: warehouse logistics specialists, warehouse specialists, truck drivers, forwarding and logistics service clerks, forklift truck drivers, load securing equipment users, wholesale and foreign trade clerks.


  • Duration approx. 4 hours from 10.00 – 14.00 hrs.
  • Welcoming the participants
  • Introductions
  • Company presentation Dolezych
  • Load securing examples from practice / How to do it right?
  • Legal and physical basics
  • The load securing methods
  • What load securing equipment is available?
  • Discard criteria – When may load securing equipment no longer be used?
  • Film to deepen the material
  • Prestressing force competition with prize draw
  • Conclusion: Trend sport DoSlackline – get to know, try out

Dates & Place

Please inquire.


Please inquire. (Minimum 8 and maximum 20 participants in the group training)


Mariana Lainka

Tel.: 0231 8285 321

Mail: mariana.lainka@dolezych.de

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