Training courses in the field of load securing

With optimal load securing, you are always on the safe and economical side.

In the seminar on load securing you will learn that load securing is not a necessary evil, but brings real benefits to the company. Professional load securing means:

  • more safety for man and material
  • more efficient, more defined loading processes
  • Reduction of the risk of accidents
  • satisfied customers
  • legal certainty
  • direct benefit for your company
  • Optimal selection and combination of all load securing measures
  • Competence in load securing



Be on the safe side legally as well!

You and your company are responsible for load securing. At our seminars for load securing you will learn how to organise and document load securing in your own company in a legally compliant manner. The seminars are therefore ideal not only for practitioners, but also for managing directors and senior executives.

Target groups

The seminar on load securing is aimed at fleet managers, safety personnel, (professional) drivers, dispatch managers, loading staff, users of load securing, driving instructors, trainers and managers.


Professional drivers receive a certificate in accordance with the Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrFQG) for participating in one of our Dortmund 1-day seminars on load securing.


As a participant in each load securing seminar, you will receive comprehensive documentation and aids for your daily work.

Load securing seminar – 1 day


In the 1-day seminar on load securing, four experienced experts report on the most common misjudgements when securing loads, give important practical tips and provide an insight into DIN and EN standards, accident prevention regulations and VDI guidelines. The legal basics are also conveyed in an understandable way in the seminar on load securing.

Demonstrations and exercises will illustrate the contents and participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions, discuss with the experts and exchange experiences.

A constructive, pioneering contribution to load securing are the Dolezych simple methods for tie-down and diagonal lashing. They set new standards because it is amazingly easy to select the right lashing material for each application, e.g. for tie-down lashing in combination with the DoMess pretensioning force gauges. The proof is in a practical demonstration.


325,00 € plus VAT, including full board and detailed seminar documentation worth 25,00 €.




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Load securing seminar – 2 days



In addition to the topics covered in the 1-day seminar , the 2-day seminar on load securing demonstrates the lashing equipment and lashing procedures in practical application tests and driving demonstrations. Driving tests are used to illustrate the effects of correct and incorrect load securing. We report on the most common misconceptions when securing loads and provide valuable tips. The audience will have an intensive opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences with the expert speakers from the employers’ liability insurance association, the police, the university and Dolezych.



630,00 € plus VAT, including complete catering and

detailed seminar documentation worth € 25.00.lasi-seminar_1020109_website



03.+04.11.2020, 2 days in Selm (early bird discount expired)



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