SafeSide: load securing system for curtainsiders


A standard curtainsider cannot provide load securing for form-fitted cargo due to the body strength. Additional load securing measures must be implemented for this. The same applies to partial loads for curtain siders in the XL version according to DIN EN 12642. Here, too, additional load securing is necessary.

The intelligent load securing system: Dolezych-SafeSide consists of insertion and locking slats and is supplemented by round locking bars, square locking bars, ratchet straps or even clothing transport bars.

The SafeSide insertion slats are inserted into the insertion pockets of the stanchions and thus form a slinging option for necessary load securing equipment. With the SafeSide locking slats, tight-fit load securing in the direction of travel is possible.

Proven strength: A TÜV test was successfully carried out for the Dolezych SafeSide system, thus proving the strength of the system.

Scaffold curtainsider

Dolezych SafeSide insertion laths made of steel or aluminum

Your benefits:

  • suitable for 25 mm insert pockets
  • Special plastic end pieces (aluminum insertion lath only)
  • With welded reinforcement (steel insertion plate)
  • With combination punching (round hole, 20/25 mm, slot 13 x 61 mm)
  • Punching repeat: 50 mm (hole center / hole center)
  • The aluminum insertion slats (pyramid profile) can be easily stacked on top of each other.

Only SafeSide insertion slats in steel version

  • The punched holes are located in an area reinforced by profiling.
  • The insertion laths are provided with holes (6.6 mm) on the top and bottom side, which are required for the kit design or desired size design.

Comparison of insertion laths in steel and aluminum design


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Dolezych SafeSide locking slats made of steel or aluminum

  • The locking slat is inserted between two SafeSide insertion slats and thus offers the possibility of form-fit load securing in the direction of travel.
  • The SafeSide locking slat is designed with two universal end pieces that engage positively in the slot of the insertion slats.
  • Useful length from 2462 – 2519 mm, the end pieces are telescopic.
  • Just like the insertion slats, the locking slats are provided with a combination punching for the use of load securing equipment.

Mounting steel and aluminum insertion laths


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Dolezych SafeSide insertion laths made of steel with individual desired length

From an order quantity of 100 pieces, we are also happy to produce any individual desired length. We will be happy to advise you on this.

For order quantities below 100 pieces, we produce desired lengths by multi-part insertion laths (with connecting piece).

Example insertion laths in the vehicle

Connector for individual lengths

Dovetail-shaped steel connector, 2.5 mm wall thickness’ electrogalvanized / blue chromated for connecting steel push-in laths. Incl. packaged fastening rivets for stable connection with insertion laths

  • Weight: 1.128 kg
  • Material: S235JRG2

Connector for insertion laths

SafeSide locking bar

Round locking bar 35 mm, galvanized, with tension spring, with round bolt for mounting in SafeSide insertion laths. The tension spring guarantees pressure-free seating in the insertion slats.

  • Load capacity: 400 daN
  • Useful length: 2425 – 2525 mm
  • Dimensions: 35 x 2400 mm
  • Weight: 5,3 kg

Round locking bar


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