Pretension force indicator


Pretension force indicator

  1. DoMess 4.0
  2. DoMess 3
  3. DoMulti 5000 with DoMess 2


Pretension force indicator DoMess 4.0 – The Next Generation of Pretension force indicators

  • For 25, 35 and 50 mm webbing widthsPretension force indicator -domess4
  • Accurate measurement results due to
    • Temperature measurement
    • automatic detection of the webbing thickness
  • Automatic storage of measurements at individually adjustable intervals
  • With GPS module for geographical assignment of the measurement results
  • Measurement results can be evaluated via USB, including evaluation program
  • Compact, robust metal design
  • Regular free software updates
  • Available in English, German, French and Spanish, additional languages are programmable



Scope of delivery: 

DoMess 4.0 Pretension force indicator, case, USB stick, 2 spare batteries, evaluation software with operating instructions incl. CE and calibration certificate


No longer available!

DoMess 3

DoMess 3 – mobile pretension force indicator

Your benefits:

  • DoMess 3 is not permanently installed. It is placed loosely on the ratchet strap(s )
  • More safety, as you can read how much preload force is in the system, thus control of all preload forces
  • Cost-saving, as you need fewer ratchet straps (see page 108)
  • Time savings, as fewer ratchet straps need to be applied
  • Both the clamping side and the opposite side can be controlled with one device

Complies with the requirements of DIN EN 12195-2.


4 seconds for your safety:

It takes only 4 seconds to determine the pretensioning force: Place the device on the tensioned lashing strap, swivel the lever, read off the pretensioning force – done!

DoMess 3 scale


Article no. Execution
06504038 chromated
06504039 Stainless steel


DoMess 3 stainless steelDoMess 3 chromated



No longer available!

DoMulti 5000 with DoMess 2


The DoMulti long lever tension ratchet is also available with the DoMess 2 pretension force indicator . As standard, DoMess 2 is permanently connected to the ratchet, allowing easy reading of the pretensioning force (STF) of the lashing strap in 250 daN increments up to 1000 daN. 


Please note: Only the pretensioning force value verified with a pretensioning force measuring device (e.g. DoMess 1-3) and exceeding the STF specification in the label may be included in the calculation of the number of lashings.

With the DoMulti long-lever tension ratchet, pretensioning forces of up to 1000 daN can be achieved.
DoMess 2 can optionally also be loosely mounted on the belt webbing and can thus also indicate the pre-tensioning force applied to the belt on the side opposite the tensioning element (ratchet).













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