Lifting Points

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  1. General info about lifting points
  2. Attachment of the lifting points
  3. Grade 8 lifting points
  4. Grade 10 sling swivel
  5. Lifting points according to safety factor
  6. Stainless steel lifting points
  7. Special grade lifting points

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1. General info about lifting points

Definition/explanation: Lifting points are a connection between load and lifting equipment (e.g. sling chains, sling ropes, lifting slings) that are needed when loads have to be lifted or moved.

There are the following types of lifting points:

Rigid lifting points

  • consist of eyebolts or weldable eyelets
  • since the direction of pull cannot be changed, they are often used for single strand solutions
  • Not flexible

Rotatable / foldable lifting points

  • They are used when using multiple strands, as the attachment points must align themselves in the direction of the hoist before the lifting operation is performed
  • are more flexible than rigid lifting points

Up to four attachment points can be used. Depending on the nature of the load, the attachment points are distributed on it. When attaching, care is taken to ensure that the load hangs straight during the lifting process and does not tilt, for example. If this is difficult or not feasible, use special slings. Care must be taken to ensure that the anchor point is adequately sized and secured. In addition, the angle plays a load, because depending on the angle, the load capacity changes. Flat angle: 45-60°. Steep angle: 0-45

lifting points in-use

2. attachment of the anchor points


  • When the lifting point is welded on, the welding instructions must be followed
  • the weld seam must be checked for correctness

Bolted on

  • the operating instructions must be observed
  • Load and material must be suitable so that the lifting point can be screwed in deep enough

Special design needed?
Many of our sling swivels are available in a wide variety of thread types and lengths upon request. We supply e.g.:

  • metric thread standard
  • metric fine thread
  • UNC inch thread
  • UNf inch thread
  • UN inch thread
  • UNS inch thread
  • UNJ inch thread
  • UNJF+BSW+BSF inch thread

Special painting, equipment with nut and washer or threaded screws with smooth part and thread are also available.
In addition, DSR + DSS + DSH + TSR type slings can be supplied with a bracket for the shackle. With this bracket, the load bar is freely adjustable in various load directions, but can still rotate freely in the event of any existing obstacles.

3. Lifting points for transport and assembly in grade 8

Stop swivel AW

  • For screwing in
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable
  • Continuous rotation under load not permitted!
  • rotatable with ball bearing
  • Load capacity from 0.45 t to 10 t
  • Thread from M 10 to M 42
  • Pitch DIN 13 from 1.5 to 4.5

Stop swivel 0950/C

  • For screwing in
  • compact lightweight design
  • rotatable with ball bearing
  • Can be loaded from all sides
  • 360° rotatable
  • Continuous rotation under load not permitted!
  • Swivel range of the link max. 180° 
  • Load capacity from 0.3 t to 35 t
  • Thread from M 10 to M 90

Further anchor points in grade 8


4. doComfort sling swivel in grade 10

Stop swivel DoComfort Premium

DoComfort Swivel Stop Premium Grade 10 Dolezych

The DoComfort sling swivel is the logical further development of the already known sling swivel 0950 in grade 8 and grade 10. Increase of the load capacity by 25% and compliance with the mass of the current grade 10 sling swivels.

  • Better rotational behavior due to additional ball bearing, thus better rotation under full and transverse load at 90°.
  • New clear indication of the inclination angles of 45° or 60° by marking on the pick-up element.
  • New visible wear indicator of the ball bearing, thus discard maturity can be detected without measuring tool.
  • Improved contact surface due to mechanically formed support surface, with load capacity marking (chrome-6-free according to EU directives). Corrosion protection by galvanic coating, seal prevents dirt penetration.
  • with ball bearing
  • 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable under load
  • Load capacity from 0.3 t to 50 t
  • Thread from 8 x 18 mm to 100 x 150 mm 

Other thread sizes, e.g. inch and round threads, as well as deviating threads in diameter and length are alternatively available in special designs. Possible tightening torque in Nm for DoComfort stop swivel.

All commercially available thread designs from inch to round thread are available. Different threads are available.
(TPSO) Tightening torques: tightening with open-end wrench according to DIN 895 or 894 without the aid of an extension is practicable and sufficient in these clamps.
Available with RFID on request.


Stop swivel DoComfort Premium IG

Stop swivel IT with internal thread.   The standard thread depth is 1.25 x d.   Only grade 10.9 crack-tested screws are permitted as fasteners. Different thread designs and lengths are available on request. The stop swivel must not be used for continuous rotary motion under load.

  • With internal thread
  • 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable under load
  • Load capacity from 0.5 t to 15 t
  • Thread from 12 x 15 mm to 36 x 45 mm 

Further lifting points in grade 10

5. Lifting points according to safety factor

Stop swivel-0958-DSR-universal

Stop swivel 0958 DSR universal

In the case of sling swivel 0958, the load distribution is distributed over the entire cross-section (i.e. one surface) and not over individual ball bearings. This has an effect on the load-carrying capacity in inclined tension. Another advantage is the durability of the bearing.

  • screwable with thread
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable with full load capacity
  • special grade steel quality
  • Continuous rotation under load not permitted!
  • Safety factor 5 
  • Load capacities from 0.07 t to 8.5 t
  • Thread diameter from M 5 x 0.8 to M 42 x 4.5 
Stop swivel 0958 DSS universal Dolezych

Stop swivel 0958 DSS universal

  • screwable with thread
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable with full load capacity
  • special grade steel quality
  • Continuous rotation under load not permitted!
  • Safety factor 5
  • Load capacities from 4.5 t to 25.0 t
  • Thread diameter from M 24 x 3 to M 100 x 6 

Stop Swivel Giga DSS

This sling swivel is specially designed to perform lifting and rotation under a load of up to 125 tons. It can be used directly with the hook of the overhead travelling crane.

  • rotatable, with thread
  • perfect alignment due to double joint
  • Safety factor 5
  • special steel grade > 8
  • Reduced space requirement due to higher maximum load
  • with CE marking, manufacturer and load capacity engraving
WLL Security-
ø L1 N.m Weight
125 t 5 M150 (x6) 228 2000 268

 Anchor point Giga DSS 2

Quick-Lift QL.DSR (Gradup steel) / SS.QL.DSR (stainless steel) stop swivel

QL.DSR from Gradup steel
SS.QL.DSR stainless steel
  • Safety factor 5:1
  • Made of Gradup steel or stainless steel
  • Also available with UNC inch thread
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable under load
  • Double-rotatable vortex ring with bearing

Your advantage: Super fast assembly!

  • Instead of being screwed, the Quick-Lift is fastened in the internal thread by means of a push button – within seconds!
  • Time savings of up to 80 % compared to screwing in a classic stop swivel
  • Purely mechanical system (maintenance-free, safe, reliable)
Designation Diameter Load capacity (t) Torque Weight (kg)
QL.DSR M 8 / SS.QL.DSR M 8 M 8 (x1.25) 0,25 * 0,3
QL.DSR M 10 / SS.QL.DSR M 10 M 10 (x1.5) 0,40 * 0,3
QL.DSR M 12 / SS.QL.DSR M 12 M 12 (x1.75) 0,65 * 0,9
QL.DSR M 14 / SS.QL.DSR M 14 M 14 (x2) 0,70 * 0,9
QL.DSR M 16 / SS.QL.DSR M 16 M 16 (x2) 1,05 * 0,9
QL.DSR M 20 / SS.QL.DSR M 20 M 20 (x2.5) 1,70 * 2,6
QL.DSR M 24 / SS.QL.DSR M 24 M 24 (x3) 2,50 * 2,6

*Thestop swivel must be tightened according to the tightening torque indicated on it and with the help of a torque wrench for each application with shackle rotation. For lifts without shackle rotation, the sling swivel can be hand-tightened under the following conditions: The user must ensure that the hand-tight tightening is correct and that the base is fully supported on the load. During each lifting, check that the base is correctly supported on the load.

More Codipro attachment points

6. Stainless steel lifting points for transport and assembly.

Stainless Steel Stop Swivel SS-DSS-IG

Stop swivel 0958 SS-DSS-IG

  • Stainless steel
  • With internal thread
  • Safety factor 5
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable with full load capacity
  • Load capacities from 2.7 to 5.0 t
  • Thread diameter M 24 x 3 to M 36 x 4
Stainless steel stop swivel

Stop swivel 0958 SS-DSS

  • screwable
  • Stainless steel
  • Safety factor 5 up to M 42, safety factor 4 from M 45 onwards
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • 360° rotatable with full load capacity
  • Load capacities from 2.7 t to 8.0 t
  • Thread diameter M 24 x 3 to M 56 x 4

More stainless steel stop points

7. Special lifting points

DoKettPlus anchor point, ring block (RB)

  • in special grade
  • Bracket 180° swiveling
  • With thread
  • Screw mountable on both sides
  • 360° rotatable
  • Load capacity from 0.30 t to 20.00 t
  • Thread M 8 to M 48

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