Lifting Gear

Giant coil turning tongs with integrated turning device, special transport bridges for heavy tools or filigree drum turning devices – DoLast lifting gear are available in a wide variety of designs for a wide range of applications. Our competent technical advisors will be happy to help you select the right product for your application. The exact nature of this application, and thus the problem, must often be determined by an on-site visit. In the subsequent solution finding process, well-founded know-how is then required. But thanks to our own development and design with experienced development engineers, there are hardly any limits to our ability to realize lifting gear projects.

We offer you solutions from standard traverses to special lifting gear designed specifically for you. The most modern 3D CAD systems are used for this. With the help of finite element calculations, possible sources of error are identified and avoided as early as the design phase. Optimum development results are then achieved in terms of strength and material usage. Qualified employees, certified welders and welding engineers then ensure the flawless production of DoLast lifting gear. All products leave the production with operating instructions and declaration of conformity. In addition, our products are marked with quality labels.

Lifting gear testing

When it comes to the inspection and maintenance of lifting gear , we are of course always at your service with our nationwide inspection service. When it comes to customized lifting gear fabrications for your operation, you should contact us.

If you want to know more about the quality marking of load handling attachments, take a look at our FAQ on this topic.

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