Grade 10 sling chains

DoComfort – the chain system in special quality

DoComfort lifting chains in Grade 10 Grade 10 lifting chain in use have increased load capacities compared to lifting chains of grade 8. The chain material consists of a special alloy and is therefore more wear-resistant, particularly tough and results in a 25% higher load capacity compared to lifting chains of grade 8 or, with a comparable load capacity, an even lower dead weight. The dimensions and shape correspond to those of grade 8. DoComfort lifting chains are suitable for hot use up to 400° C (please note loss of load capacity!).

For the requirements specified in DIN EN 818-1  Grade 10, however, no details are specified there on the requirements and test methods.   Thus, these chains and accessories – depending on the manufacturer – are often different in design and dimensions. A combination of chains from different manufacturers is therefore only possible after consultation and approval .

 In April 2006, PAS 1061 (PAS = Publicly Available Specification) was published. PAS 1061 supplements the standards of the DIN EN 818 and series and specifies detailed requirements for short-link, medium-tolerance round steel link chains of grade 10 for use in lifting chains and for general lifting purposes.

The DoComfort product range (chain, hooks and accessories) complies with these specifications, even exceeding them in terms of temperature resistance (400°C instead of 380°C) and has already had the type certificate of quality class 10 issued by the Norddeutsche Metall-Berufsgenossenschaft NMBG since April 2004. As a visible sign this product range is identified by the 10-cornered load capacity tag .
Combination with chains and components from other series is only permitted after prior approval by Dolezych.


Advantages of DoComfort lifting chains:

  • With the sameLifting chain grade 10 in use 2 nominal diameter, a grade 10 lifting chain has up to 25% higher load capacity than a grade 8 lifting chain.
    This results in a considerable weight saving with the same load-bearing capacity
  • Fulfillment of all requirements of the European standards DIN EN 818-2 and DIN EN 814-2
  • Lower wear of the chain links and accessories due to higher surface hardness
  • Notched impact strength more than doubled compared to grade 8 lifting chains
  • Intrinsically confusion-free system, i.e. only chains and components with the same load-bearing capacities can be connected to each other
  • Elongation at break at least 20
  • Load capacity at temperatures up to +200°C = 100 %, from +200°C – +300°C = 90 %, , from +300°C – + 400°C = 75 % of nominal load capacity
  • Quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 ensures consistently high quality standards. In addition, regular monitoring of production by external testing institutes


All chain components have:

  • officially BG approval
  • the system color “turquoise



For safety reasons, components or chains from the DoComfort lifting chain system must not be combined with special grades from other manufacturers or with components or spare parts of other grades. Safety is only guaranteed if all components are “turquoise” and the connecting bolts are “gold” – thus ensuring that they can be assigned to without confusion.


Hook types: 

Lifting chain hook

With hook

Stop chain hook and shortening claw

with hook and shortening claw

Stop chain end link

With end link

Lifting chain WHG

with WHG hook

Stop chain SHA

with SHA hook

Lifting chain GVS

with GVS component

Lifting chain AHG

with AHG hook










Nominal thickness
in mm
Load capacity of DoComfort lifting chains at
Inclination angle 0°
1 strand 2 strands 3 strands 4 strands
06 1,40 t 2,00 t 3,00 t 3,00 t
08 2,50 t 3,55 t 5,30 t 5,30 t
10 4,00 t 5,60 t 8,00 t 8,00 t
13 6,70 t 9,50 t 14,00 t 14,00 t
16 10,00 t 14,00 t 21,20 t 21,20 t
18 12,50 t 18,00 t 26,50 t 26,50 t
22 19,00 t 26,50 t 40,00 t 40,00 t
26 26,50 t 37,00 t 56,00 t 56,00 t

 Lifting chain DoComfort



















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