iGurt – The new intelligent load securing system

With the BPW iGurt with Dolezych ratchet strap, you now have your load under control at all times

The iGurt is an intelligent pretensioning force indicator that continuously monitors the pretensioning force on the ratchet strap via app.

  • won the Golden German Innovation Award in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Automotive Technologies” of the German Design Council in May 2019
  • Eligible for de minimis
  • only optimally functional with the associated Dolezych ratchet strap
  • associated app for Android

Theload securing continuously in view: : A safe feeling during the journey
  • Continuous monitoring of the correct pretensioning force
  • Protects people and cargo
  • smart safety system shows the clamping forces on the display already during the clamping process
Cost and time savings
  • Fewer accidents and damage due to insufficiently or too tightly lashed load
  • Less resources required in the company due to fewer claims
  • reduced downtime
More transparency
  • Warning message on the smartphone when a strap is loosened
  • Targeted retightening of loose straps
  • verifiable loading control
  • Complete documentation

Technical features

  • iGurt app can be used as a stand-alone app or integrated into a telematics solution
  • robust, impact-resistant housing
  • LED display
  • easy battery change, only after approx. 1 year
  • Spare parts available
  • with 50 mm ratchet strap with optional 8m / 10m length and pressure ratchet / long lever pull ratchet
  • LC 2500 daN
  • STF 300 daN (pressure ratchet) / 600 daN (long lever pull ratchet)


No, the ratchet strap in question must have certain features to ensure that the i strap is correctly attached and functions properly. For this purpose, a special ratchet strap was designed in cooperation between BPW and Dolezych. The iGurt may only be used in this combination.

This is mainly due to the properties of the strap material and the way the ratchet is sewn. The coefficient of elongation is different for all ratchet straps. If you were to use “any” strap, there is no guarantee that the iGurt would then display the correct pre-tensioning forces. We also need a suitable place to mount the electronics properly. The lug of the special Dolezych lashing is designed precisely for this purpose.

Yes, the long lever pull ratchet is approved for a higher pre-tensioning force of 600 daN. In addition, a wear limit has been incorporated into the strap fabric. This assists the driver in deciding when the strap is considered “worn” and needs to be replaced.

The lashing strap is available in two versions: with long lever pull ratchet and with short lever ratchet. To match this, a lot end with 7.5 m and one with 9.5 m are possible.

No, in the loose state.

The iGurt is designed for a service life of 1 year. In very cold conditions (e.g. several days at below – 20 degrees Celsius), the battery life may be reduced to half a year.

Commercially available AAA batteries. These can usually be purchased easily at supermarkets and gas stations.

Yes! All you need is a small coin or a flathead screwdriver to pry open the battery compartment.

Currently, only one app is available for Android devices.

Simply search for “BPW iGurt” in the Google Playstore. BPW also provides an APK on the BPW website. APKs are often popular with IT departments in shipping companies. Z. For example, if no Google account is available.

The iGurt measures the pre-tensioning force in daN. This is displayed on the electronics itself by means of LEDs and on the app as continuous numerical values. In addition, the app warns by means of an acoustic, haptic and visual signal when a threshold value is undershot.

No, the electronics remain on the ratchet strap, even if it is not in use and is stowed away, for example. The iGurt electronics can, for example, be removed when the lashing strap is worn and mounted on a new one with ease.

The iGurt is sold to commercial end customers via Telematics24.de and the Dolezych store.

Yes, the iGurt has an IP protection class of IP6k4k (Even IP6k9k tested). That is, it can be used without further ado on an open vehicle and is designed for splashing water. It is also adequately tested for salt water.

BPW gives a 1-year warranty on the electronics. See also the BPW warranty conditions.

Yes, the iGurt is eligible for funding through the federal government’s de minimis program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This essentially depends on the ambient conditions. Our tests have shown ranges over 100m in the open field. In practice, it has been proven that iGurt on a curtainsider or open vehicle are received quite unproblematically on the mobile device in the driver’s cab. In the case of high-security box vehicles, which are lined with a lot of steel, it may be possible that iGurt are not displayed temporarily.

The QR code redirects to the iGurt landing page on the BPW website. There you can find all relevant information like user manual, app, flyer, etc.

No, the iGurt is calibrated once before delivery from the factory. Since the iGurt is a comfort or information system and is not sold as a “measuring device”, no further calibrations or checks are necessary.

The accuracy at delivery is approx. +6%/-14%. This means that with an actual applied tension force of 600 DaN, a tension force of between 636 daN and 516 daN could be applied.
This ensures that, as a rule, slightly too little clamping force tends to be displayed in the event of a deviation. Similar to the speedometer display in a car. Here, a tolerance of the speed up to 10% below the actual speed is allowed.

The alarm and the color change of the tiles from green to red in the app is triggered at a tension loss of <= 50%. For example, with a pretensioning force of 600 daN, the alarm would then sound from 300 daN ACTUAL pretensioning force.

The BPW customer service.

The 6-digit serial number can be found on the front of the iGurt.

There are a total of 256 possible combinations of the short ID. It is theoretically possible that there are two iGurt with the identical short ID on one trailer. However, the probability is very low. However, in this case a distinction can be made on the basis of the serial number, which is always unique. The case would only occur if a customer ordered a large number of units and equipped several vehicles at the same time. In this case, he could swap the iGurt between the vehicles in the event of a duplication.

Because the Bluetooth data is “open”, iGurt information can be received by any smartphone that has the iGurt app installed without having to reassign iGurt or vehicles. Drivers do not have to register either. This means that changing train connections are also no problem.

Yes, first of all, it may be that all iGurt, including those that do not belong to your own vehicle, are displayed. But this is not so bad, because…

On the way down:

iGurt that were tensioned last always move to the first position in the app. Thus an assignment is easily possible.

During the journey/at stops (rest stops):

In-vehicle iGurt are plausibilised during the journey and marked with a blue background so that in-vehicle iGurt can be identified.

Do you need further advice?

You can get them from Walter Eckstein, our sales manager for the Industry Logistics & Transport division, by sending an e-mail to walter.eckstein@dolezych.de or by calling 0231 / 8285421.