Hooks for load securing

To ensure that your load reaches its destination safely and undamaged, you need adequate load securing products.

This of course includes high-quality tie-down straps and lashing chains, as well as other means, which you will find at Dolezych!

In addition to the various securing devices, you will also find numerous

1. hooks for tie-down straps and

2. lashing hooks.

1. hook for tie-down straps

Profile hook


Article no.Belt width
0602500325 mm (short version)
0610000225 or 35 mm

U-profile hook

Article no.Belt width
0635000335 mm

With fuse

Article no.Belt width
0635001535 mm

Heavy profile hook

Article no.Belt width
0650000835 mm

Finger profile hook

Article no.Belt width
0650000435 mm
0650500550 mm
0650002550 mm (swivel version)

Profile hook with delta lock

Article no.Belt width
0650100950 mm

Profile hooks made of stainless steel (rustproof)

Article no.Belt width
0650101450 mm
0635001435 mm

Snap hook for tie-down straps


Article no.Belt width
0635000525 or 35 mm
0650000150 mm

Triangle snap hook

Article no.Belt width
0650001050 mm

Delta bracket

Article no.Belt width
0602500225 mm
0650000350 mm

DoConnect hook

Article no.Belt width
0650002050 mm

S-hooks for tie-down straps

Article no.Belt widthPVC coating
0605000325 mmWithout
0605000225 mmWith

Flat hook

Article no.Belt widthSpring lock
0602501525 mmWithout
0602500725 mmWith

2. DoZurr lashing hooks

DoZurr lashing hooks according to DIN EN 12640 and DIN EN 75410, 1-3

For screwing on

Art.no. 06026501

For welding on

Art.no. 06026500
Art.no. 06000013

Lashing trough with hook for welding on

Art.no. 06000016