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On this page you will find frequently asked questions from our customers on the subject of load securing. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to answer them personally or by e-mail.

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What is actually load securing?

Definition:  Load securing (Lasi) refers to the professional and effective securing of loads or goods in transit using, for example, lashing belts in order to counteract the physical forces that occur during transport.

Can anything be lifted with lashing straps?

No, lashing straps must not be used for lifting because they are not designed for lifting. Lashing straps are used exclusively for securing loads. That is why every lashing strap label has the notice: “Do not lift, only lash!” (see illustration). Suitable products for lifting are, for example, round slings, loop straps, sling ropes and sling chains.

Information lashing strap label


Is there an expiry date for lashing straps?

No, there is no expiry date either for lashing straps / tension belts or for round slings or loop straps. If these are stored away from the weather and possibly even unused, you can use them for an indefinite period of time.

However, to ensure that nothing untoward happens as a result of a defective strap during the next lashing or lifting operation, a visual inspection should be carried out on all products before each use. In addition, your load securing equipment and the like should be inspected by an expert once a year.


What is an expert and when does one become one?

An expert is a competent person who has sufficient knowledge in the respective field (e.g. load securing, lifting technology, etc.) due to his professional training and experience. Further training in the form of seminars is indispensable in this case.


As a driver, are you also responsible for securing the load?

Answer: Yes, even as a driver you are responsible for the proper securing of loads in your vehicle. The only exception is if the vehicle was sealed by the consignor or by customs before it was taken over.


Can I shorten the webbing myself?

In principle, independent shortening of the webbing is not prohibited. However, we do not recommend it for the following reason: In our company, the webbing is cut hot. In this way, no threads are created which could sooner or later lead to the dissolution of the webbing. Also, webbing that is not cut straight and welded on makes it difficult to thread into the ratchet.

Our tip: If you still want to shorten the webbing yourself, you can use a lighter to burn the cut.


Can I freely choose the webbing colour of my lashing strap?

This is quite possible with lashing straps. The colour of lashing straps is not standardised, therefore you can freely choose the strap colour when ordering. However, the following standard colours have become established at Dolezych:

Table Tensile force of lashing straps

However, this is different for loop straps, round slings and web slings. These products have a specific colour depending on their load-bearing capacity, which must not be changed.


Do the different colours of the lashing straps have anything to do with the tensile force?

No, not basically. We have internally defined colours which we use as standard for certain lashing straps. However, special designs are possible on customer request. The colour of the webbing is freely selectable.


What do the stripes on the webbing of a lashing strap mean?

In most cases, the stripes on the webbing are an indication of the tensile force of the lashing strap. But you can’t rely on that. This can also vary according to customer requirements, as the strips are not subject to any standard. On lashing straps from Dolezych, an identification strip usually stands for 500 daN tensile force in direct tension.

Sewn-in lashing strap strips


What is the compatibility of PES webbing with petrol, diesel or sharpie?

Contact with diesel fuels and premium petrol may result in minimal detachment of paint pigments. However, the strength of the belt itself is not affected. Even writing on the belt with a sharpie does not change the strength of the belt.


Does the Dolezych article number say anything about the length of the article?

No, the Dolezych article number says nothing about the length of the article. Dolezych lashing straps or loop straps, for example, can be ordered from us in any length. If we were to create every article in every possible length in our system, this would lead to a confusing number of article numbers and to problems for our employees and our customers. However, we have created unique EAN numbers for some standard articles with standard lengths. If you need it, just ask for it.


Can DoMatt anti-slip mats be cleaned with any disinfectant or even in the dishwasher? 

Disinfection and cleaning in the dishwasher is not possible. In this case, the composite adhesive may come loose and the stability and slip resistance of the mat may no longer be given. Please clean the DoMatt anti-slip mat with clear water only.

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