DoPremium – only the best for safe lifting and transporting

Whenever you expect very special performance in lifting and lashing, DoPremium products are the first choice. In the respective product segment, DoPremium marks the optimum in performance, e.g. through a particularly high load-bearing capacity with low dead weight, extremely long service life, special flexibility, high fabric edge stability or high temperature resistance.

We achieve this by using special fabric constructions, exceptionally high-quality components, outstanding rope constructions or even high-performance fibers such as Dyneema®.

In addition to these “inner values”, DoPremium also stands out visually from the standard: Where technically feasible, we use turquoise webbing with the DoPremium lettering or provide the products with a turquoise DoPremium banderole.

This way you will always recognize our top class products right away. And the good feeling of working safely with the best products comes with it.

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  1. DoPremium lifting sling
  2. DoPremium round sling
  3. DoPremium heavy duty round sling with Dyneema®.
  4. DoPremium Standard Ratchet
  5. DoPremium ratchet strap with long lever pull ratchet
  6. DoPremium ratchet strap with Dyneema®
  7. DoPremium heavy duty ratchet strap with Dyneema®.
  8. DoPremium slinging rope
  9. DoPremium slinging rope with Dyneema®
  10. DoPremium edge protection with Dyneema®.
  11. DoFlex1 abrasion protection
  12. DoFlex2 abrasion protection with Dyneema®
  13. Dyneema®

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1. Innovations

The textile chain from Dolezych / DoNova® PowerLash with Dyneema®.

Click on the image for more info. Dyneema chain

2. DoPremium catalog

1. DoPremium lifting belt

DoPremium eye sling

The DoPremium lifting slings have a safety factor of 10, which means that even after the toughest use and corresponding abrasion, they still have a safety factor of more than 7!

For the production of DoPremium lifting slings we take only the best “ingredients”: The sling is fully reinforced and offers optimum protection in the area heavily stressed by the crane hook. A wear-resistant special construction is used for the webbing – pressure-resistant, particularly abrasion-resistant, with an extra-sturdy selvedge and heat-resistant up to 150°C for short periods – continuous use up to 120°C.

The result: Anything but standard!

DoPremium eye sling table




2. DoPremium round sling

DoPremium round sling

The secret of our premium round slings? The very slim protective hose with particularly thick, wear-resistant fabric construction and tightly woven load capacity specifications!

This makes the DoPremium an extremely compact round sling, with almost no wrinkling, which also slides easily past edged loads and does not snag or wear out. As a result, it also fits well in smaller crane hooks.

In addition: Service life “without end” due to the abrasion-resistant hose. Simply premium.


DoPremium Round Sling Table



3. DoPremium heavy duty round sling with Dyneema®.

DoPremium Dyneema Round Sling

With-Dyneema Logo

When it comes to slings with very high load capacities and good handling, round slings made of Dyneema are the best choice.

The use of the high-performance fibers reduces the dead weight of the sling by up to 60%.

Positive side effect: A significantly lower elongation and thus an increased accuracy of fit.

This can be especially important with asymmetrical loads.

4. DoPremium standard ratchet

DoPremium standard ratchet strap

Ratchet: Galvanized comfort ratchet, with hand lever safety device, two gears.

Webbing: Premium webbing with special selvage made of twisted cord yarns, especially abrasion and abrasion resistant equipped, with low elongation, additionally PU impregnated.

DoPremium Ratchet Strap Table



5. DoPremium ratchet strap with long lever pull ratchet

DoPremium long lever ratchet strap

The interaction of the patented DoMulti long-lever pull ratchet and premium webbing makes all the difference here.

The ratchet is among the best available: Lightweight, stable, long tension lever for highest pretensioning forces and comfortable opening of the ratchet even at 1000 daN pretensioning force.

The webbing is premium as well. The special woven edge made of twisted cord yarns protects the belt edges.

If there are nevertheless incisions in the tissue, neon-colored identification stripes mark the maturity for discarding.

In addition, the webbing is particularly abrasion-resistant and water- and dirt-repellent. Even in wind and weather: the webbing remains supple.

“What more do you want?”

DoPremium ratchet strap L Table



6. DoPremium ratchet strap with Dyneema®.


With-Dyneema Logo

Lash down even the roughest loads without any additional wear protection.

Due to the high-performance Dyneema fiber, this strap can also be used without edge and chafe protection during tie-down lashing and still has a much longer service life than a standard polyester ratchet strap.

Save the use of edge and scuff protection. It couldn’t be simpler or faster.

And thanks to our DoMulti long-lever tension ratchet, maximum pretensioning forces are included.

DoPremium ratchet strap L Dyneema Table




7. DoPremium heavy duty ratchet strap with Dyneema®.

DoPremium heavy duty ratchet strap

With-Dyneema Logo

Our power pack for direct / diagonal lashing: LC 5000 daN with only 50 mm strap width.

This ratchet strap holds more: The special ratchet consists of high-quality tempered materials in an extra stable construction.

The new lashing hooks with additional delta securing shackle achieve extremely high tensile strengths and offer maximum application safety.   The strength of the Dyneema lashing strap beats conventional lashing straps hands down.

The DoPremium heavy-duty sling achieves the strength of a 75 mm wide lashing sling and is thus also the challenger for 8 mm lashing chains in grade 10 – with a clear advantage in the disciplines of handling and innovation!

DoPremium SL ratchet strap Dyneema Table

8. DoPremium slinging rope

DoPremium slinging rope

With the 6×61 IWRC rope construction, we use a very supple solid steel rope. In terms of breaking load and flexibility, this is clearly superior to a standard slinging ropewith fiber core.

The “Flemish eye” design with robust steel press clamp is highly resistant to wear caused by abrasion. It can also be used in hot service, taking into account the corresponding loss of load-bearing capacity. The conical shape of the crimp also prevents the rope from snagging on the load.

The sling ropes are manufactured in the colors of the European color code with load capacities of 2, 3 and 5 tons.

DoPremium slinging rope Table

9. DoPremium slinging rope with Dyneema®.


With-Dyneema LogoThe 12-strand braided ropes with Dyneema® made of SK 75 are available up to 100 t load capacity as standard, special designs up to 400 t!

These slinging ropes have the highest load capacities with a very low dead weight. This allows you to finally hook heavy-duty ropes into the crane hook on your own. Striking has never been so “easy”.

DoPremium Slinging Rope Dyneema Table

10. DoPremium edge protection with Dyneema®.

Edge protection__01

With-Dyneema Logo

Edge protection sleeves made of Dyneema® offer round slings and lifting slings optimum protection against sharp edges. The service life of the textile slings is significantly extended, or even makes it possible to use textile slings for certain sharp-edged loads in the first place.

DoPremium edge protection table

11. DoFlex1 abrasion protection

DoFlex1 abrasion protection

Innovative: The transversely elastic PES protective hose for lashing straps reliably protects the lashing strap over the entire wear zone. The abrasion resistance values are significantly better than those of the conventional PVC and PU-Tex protective hoses.

  • no slipping
  • abrasion resistant materials
  • better distribution of the preload force
  • The hose is particularly thin and flexible, can be easily with the loose end coiled .

DoPremium DoFlex1 table

12. DoFlex2 abrasion protection with Dyneema®.

DoFlex2 abrasion protection

With-Dyneema Logo

Particularly robust: The elastic weave construction, made from the cut-resistant Dyneema® fiber, make the DoFlex2 protective sleeve an ideal protection for ratchet straps that are exposed to extreme loads in terms of abrasion and sharp-edged loads.

DoPremium DoFlex2 Table

13. Dyneema®

With-Dyneema Logo

Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber is DSM’s premium brand of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). Dyneema® fiber provides maximum strength with minimum weight. At the same dead weight, it is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than an aramid fiber. Dyneema® floats on water due to its low density, but is extremely resistant and insensitive to moisture, UV radiation and chemicals. We use Dyneema ® fiber in webbing, round slings, cut protection tubes and fiber ropes. Slings and protective sleeves made from Dyneema® are stronger and lighter with great flexibility and better handling compared to traditional materials. In short: When it counts – DoPremium with Dyneema®.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM. The use of this trademark without express authorization is prohibited.