Anti-slip mats according to VDI 2700 sheet 14 + 15

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The friction – different types of friction

Anti-slip mat-DolezychAn essential role in the implementation of suitable load securing is played by the resistance force against the displacement of a body (load) on its base (load carrier, loading area) or between individual parts of the load, i.e. friction.

Difference between static, dynamic and rolling friction:

  • Static friction is the resistance force that a stationary body exerts against sliding on its support.
  • Sliding friction is the resistance force that an already moving body exerts against further displacement on its support.
  • Rolling friction is the resistance force that a body with radius “r” opposes to rolling on its support. It can also occur with dirty loading surfaces/loads (sand, abrasion) and must be prevented.

In order to take into account dynamic forces that can generally occur during the transport of loads, the procedures for calculating load securing use sliding friction rather than static friction.


Kann man DoMatt-Antirutschmatten mit jedem beliebigen Desinfektionsmittel oder sogar in der Spülmaschine reinigen?

Disinfection and cleaning in the dishwasher is not possible. In this case, the composite adhesive may come loose and the stability and slip resistance of the mat may no longer be given. Please clean the DoMatt anti-slip mat with clear water only.

Anti-slip mats as sliding friction coefficient-increasing underlays

Anti-slip mat-made of granular fiber Anti-slip mats as load securing aids are capable of ensuring a minimum coefficient of sliding friction.

The amount of frictional resistance is determined by the coefficient of friction μ. DoMatt anti-slip mats (ARM) meet the test criteria of the BG and guarantee a defined coefficient of friction. The sliding friction coefficients are determined in accordance with VDI 2700 Sheet 14.

According to the test principles of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Vehicle Maintenance, the coefficient of sliding friction must not fall below μ=0.4. Currently, tested and thus applicable coefficients of sliding friction are up to μ=0.6.

Caution with high μ-values! Sometimes higher coefficients of friction are specified for anti-slip mats. These higher friction coefficients of e.g. μ= 0.9 are ideal values and can, however, be greatly reduced by changing environmental influences. Securing the load on the basis of these excessive values then represents a risk.


Quality features

Heavy duty anti-slip mat

The μ-value is only one quality characteristic for anti-slip mats. The materials listed below are used to increase the coefficient of sliding friction μ. Granulate fibers are compacted into anti-slip mats by means of PU binder. The shape and quantity of the fibers, as well as the binder, determine the quality of the anti-slip mat. The more hollow space an anti-slip mat has, the lower its quality.

In addition to the coefficient of sliding friction μ, the following properties are important:

Impression behavior

Anti-slip mat impression behavior

Under high compressive stresses, anti-slip mats with a large void ratio tend to compact and thus become “soapy”; as a result, the coefficient of sliding friction μ  can drop sharply.

Impression of the load into the anti-slip mats can also have a positive effect on load securing. The so-called deformation trough can make it difficult for the load to slip on the mat. It is precisely here that the strength of the anti-slip mat is important. When loaded for 24 hours with mesh box pallets, total weight 1000 kg, DoMatt anti-slip mats do not show any permanent deformations that impair their function.

Please note: The selection of the mat thickness must be made in such a way that no deformations greater than 30% of the initial thickness can occur.

Tensile / shear strength [N/mm2]

Cracked anti-slip matWhen subjected to stress, very thin anti-slip mats in particular (t<4 mm) with a large void ratio can tear. Inferior granular mats even tend to “ball formation”. Therefore, the higher the tensile strength of the anti-slip mat, the better the quality. DoMatt anti-slip mats have a minimum tensile strength of sM = 0.6 N/mm2.

DoMatt anti-slip mats have an elongation at break of min. 60%.



Cut-to-size anti-slip mats

For the user, the specifications regarding the required dimensions of anti-slip mats for different loads are particularly important. Usually, anti-slip mats are offered as blanks in different sizes. Depending on the load and loading situation, the load can be underlaid with small square anti-slip mat pieces or also with long anti-slip mat strips.






Discard criteria

Please withdraw DoMatt from further use at:

  • permanent deformations or pressure marks
  • Broken out areas
  • swollen areas
  • Damage to the anti-slip mat due to contact with aggressive media 
  • Embrittlement
  • contamination that negatively affects the coefficient of sliding friction

The selected DoMatt anti-slip mat must be strong enough for the intended use and the right size with regard to the lashing method. “Good lashing practice” must always be taken into account.

Anti-slip mats can be inserted as individual parts that can be cut to size between the friction partners  (loads among themselves or loads and loading area). However, they can also be applied directly to loading areas of vehicles. Due to their delivery forms (webs, strips, blanks, etc.), they can basically be used for all types of cargo (with the exception of bulk materials).



Vertically acting forces, e.g. caused by road unevenness, can negatively influence the contact force acting due to the weight of the load. Driving tests have even shown that the vertical contact force and thus the effective friction force can then approach zero.

Improper use of anti-slip mats may cause danger  if the load does not rest on the anti-slip mat in such a way that it does not come into direct contact with the base (loading area) at any point, which may have a lower coefficient of sliding friction than the anti-slip mat.

Caution: A load can never be secured solely by frictional force, but can only be used sensibly in combination with additional measures, e.g. “tie-down lashing“.

The use of anti-slip mats may result in the risk of premature tipping of the load, therefore suitable measures must be taken to prevent tipping:

  • The contact surfaces must be broom clean, free of ice, grease and/or oil.
  • The contact surfaces should be dry.



License plate from anti-slip mats

DoMatt anti-slip mats can also be provided with a captive marking on request. The marking is located in the edge area of the anti-slip mat. DoMatt anti-slip mats must be placed under the load so that the marking remains visible from the outside.








Other tools

  • anti-slip coated felt
  • anti-slip coated paper
  • Foam, anti-slip on both sides
  • textile fabric products, slip resistant on both sides
  • anti-slip floor coverings

Please inquire!



Anti-slip mat standard

Anti-slip mat (standard)

Article no. Dimension mm Thickness mm
0610 1108 5000 x 250 8
0610 1121 5000 x 125 8
0610 1122 600 x 600 8
0610 1107 120 x 180 8
0610 1109 200 x 300 10
0610 1104 1250 x 1250 4
for paper loading
0610 1147 600 x 150 3
0610 1148 20000 x 150 3



Heavy duty anti-slip mat

Heavy duty anti-slip mats are available in different variants. Different profiled surfaces guarantee a high coefficient of sliding friction even when heavily soiled, for example. Please ask for further heavy duty anti-slip mats! Heavy duty anti-slip mat

Article no. Dimension mm Thickness mm
0610 1011 500 x 500 10
0610 1010 1000 x 1000 10
0610 4108 160 x 250 10


Universal car anti slip mat for trunk

  • Gives the trunk contents a high level of stabilityUniversal car anti slip mat
  • can also be combined with nets
  • for optimal load securingCutting car anti slip mat
  • easy to cut to size with scissors or carpet knife
  • dimensionally stable design (lies wrinkle-free in the trunk)
Article no. Dimension mm
0610 1104 1250 x 1250 x 4
0610 1200 1500 x 1500 x 4


Anti-slip mat Black-Cat “Panther

Black-Cat “Panther” anti-slip mats can be used universally. In addition to its use as a load securing aid, this mat is also suitable for use as a floor covering in industry or trade. Here it ensures safe, non-slip footing and protects the muscles, joints and spine during standing activities.

These are your advantages:

  • Extreme tear resistance due to additional fabric insert with special coatingBlack Cat 1
  • Only 4.5 mm thick, thus highly flexible, dimensionally stable and can be cut to size
  • Sliding friction coefficients of µ > 0.6. Ask us for the technical data sheets.
  • Also suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Durable – for indoor and outdoor use
  • Soundproofing and cold insulation
  • Temperature resistance from approx. -40°C to +120°C
  • Melting temperature approx. 250°C, auto-ignition temperature approx. 350°C.
  • Easy cleaning, due to closed surface, with standard cleaning agents. No absorption of liquids.
  • Very good resistance to acids, alkalis, oil, gasoline and diesel.
  • Free of formaldehyde and toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, free of silicone.
  • Very good biological resistance, disposal via household waste.Black Cat 2
Article no. Dimension mm
Black Cat Panther Roll Goods
0622 0003 120 x 4000
0622 0004 150 x 4000
0622 0005 200 x 4000
0622 0006 300 x 4000
0622 0007 600 x 4000
0622 0023 800 x 4000
0622 0008 1000 x 4000
0622 0009 1200 x 4000
0622 00010 1600 x 4000
0622 0011 200 x 8000
0622 0012 1000 x 8000
0622 0013 1200 x 8000
0622 0014 1600 x 8000
Black Cat Panther Pads
0622 0001 150 (octagonal)
0623 0015 octagonal
0622 0022 200 x 200
0622 0017 120 x 1250
0622 0021 120 x 2450
0622 0018 120 x 13400
0622 0020 600 x 800
0622 0019 1200 x 800


Anti-slip mat made of coated foam

  • certified coefficient of friction µD = 0.7 (gray mat) and µD = 0.8 (blue mat) determined by the Fraunhofer Institute IML in tests with original paper rolls on conventional semi-trailers
  • Coefficient of friction tests by Fraunhofer and DEKRA for the following material pairings:Anti-slip mat foam

Paper roll – screen printing base

Paper roll – paper roll

Wooden pallet – screen printing floor

mesh box – screen printing floor

Steel barrel – wooden pallet

Steel barrel – screen printing floor

Detailed information is available upon request!

  • Checks even in multiple use (e.g. paper rolls)
  • Fully recyclable via the dual system
Article no. Dimension mm Thickness mm
0610 1212 400 x 150 3
0610 1213 800 x 150 3
0610 1247 1000 x 150 3


Non-staining anti-slip mat for the transport of exposed concrete parts, multicolored

  • For use in the transport of exposed concrete partsNon staining anti slip mat
  • High strength
  • No paint abrasion
  • Other dimensions on request
Article no. Dimension mm Thickness mm
0610 1201 5000 x 250 10



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